Smsbundle is the Bulk SMS Software allows you to create and send unlimited SMS from your computer via mobile phone. This is the fastest and cost effective mobile marketing software makes the easiest way to send your personalized SMS messages to your associates, clients and friends to stay in touch through text message using this simple PC based application without any internet connection.

  1. Send sms @ 19 cent + vat = 0.21cent
    SMSbundle is a "small" but very "powerful" sms-server
  2. Sending & Receiving of singe or batch sms messages on your PC
  3. Database of contacts (Group, Import, . . .)
  4. Use a wide selection of GSM data cards can be used
  5. Group sending (sms bundle)
  6. Personalize: Auto inserting of Name & / or Surname
  7. Quick sms to any number or group
  8. Schedule messages to be sent as specific times:
    eg Birthdays, daily, weekly, once etc
  9. Auto Reply to an incoming message
  10. Auto Answer incoming sms
  11. Forward an incoming message to a group
  12. Message logs - incoming, outgoing, prepared. .
  13. Save incoming sms messages in single or multiple files.
  14. Users can remove themselves by sending
  15. 'STOP' / 'REMOVE' / 'REMOVE ME'
  16. Users to remotely send sms messages to groups.
  17. Give them sms credits reselling
  18. Administrate the server remotely via SMS
  19. Sms messages generated by your own program!!!!

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Andre Mundell